Monday, August 25, 2014

Creating Some Backgrounds with Alcohol Inks


This weekend I made some tag and ATC backgrounds using Adirondack Alcohol Inks. I used them on glossy paper, photo paper and aluminum foil. Here are the results.

First up glossy paper from Ranger:

I dropped various colours one at a time onto glossy paper and then blew air at it with a straw. The result was some pretty cool abstract shapes. I really like them.

Next up is using the inks on glossy photo paper:

This is the same paper you would print photos on. When the inks dry, it leaves this crackle effect that's really cool. This has a great texture feel to it too.

Last up is inks on alumimum foil:

This turned out to be my absolute favourite. I used the inks on regular aluminum foil that you would find in your kitchen. I scrunched the foil and then glued it down with tacky glue. I dabbed the inks on with a foam applicator and got this really cool faux crackle texture. The colours retain their vibrancy against the shiny foil. 

Here's an up close look at the foil texture: 

Thanks for having a look.

Talk to ya soon xx

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