Saturday, October 31, 2015

Zombie Minion Pumpkin 2015

Happy Halloween!

Here is my carved pumpkin for this year--it's a Zombie Minion!!

I painted him with yellow acrylic paint and then sponged on some neon green paint to "dead" him up a bit. hehe

I painted a plastic top silver for his eye goggle and printed out a Minion eye. I painted the strap for the goggles with black paint.

The only part of the pumpkin that I carved was his teeth. I gave him a startled mouth and only 3 teeth. I added some blood with red paint.

I painted his overalls blue and added some white dash stitching lines. I added 2 black buttons and printed out his logo which I attached to his pocket.

Now for my favourite part of the entire pumpkin--his exposed brain! haha I used pink Sculpey Clay and added lots of blood...I even made some worms. 

And lastly, I took some plastic drinking straws, painted them black and stuck them into the top of his head for hair. 

Thanks for having a look.

Talk to ya soon xx

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